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What is Telestration ?

Telestration is used on video. It’s the circles, arrows, spot shadows, and polygons you see coaches and TV analysts use at halftime and after matches.

Telestration Infograhic

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The Keyframe Sports platform is a powerful communication tool. It's visually dynamic, and helps reinforce learning on the field, and away from it.

Ricky Clarke

Master Coach Online

Our coaches can simply analyze and annotate clips for their players, add audio coaching points, then share the videos allowing us to educate our players in a virtual setting.

Troy Letherman

Crossfire Soccer, ECNL

Using Keyframe has been a game changer.. It takes me from time consuming powerpoint, sloppy screen shot attempt conversations, to these clear, quick, easily shareable recording.

Kayley Sullivan

UNLV, Assistant Coach


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